Senior React Native

May 18, 2021

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You will be working in close collaboration with our Head of Product to turn product concepts and designs into well-structured, performant code.

The team is currently very small, with only 4 engineers, so you will have major impact on the team from day one. This particular product is still rapidly evolving, so your skills will contribute directly to the direction of the product.

Mandatory Skills  –

  • Experience with React Native and its third-party library ecosystem
  • Some experience working with native iOS and/or Android APIs
  • Experience with the operational aspects of shipping mobile apps at scale: APNS/FCM, mobile CI (end-to-end testing, screenshot tests, automated app store release etc.), app store review processes, app performance monitoring
  • Excellent written technical communication skills, eg. writing bug reports, GitHub issues on external libraries, proposals, and pull requests.

Good bonus skills –

  • Understanding of React Native framework internals & native module inter-op
  • Open source contributions, particularly if related to React Native, iOS or Android libraries
  • TypeScript & Node.js experience
  • Understanding of reactive programming concepts (eg. RxJS/Java/Swift)
  • Experience with SQLite, Redis and/or PostgreSQL